Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cascading Juniper potted today.

This is my Juniper that I had sitting in a nursery pot for awhile now and today at our local Bonsai club meeting " My first time going by the way"we potted it and I finger pruned it a little more. I think im going to have the side hanging to the left be the front of the tree. Also I am thinking of wiring one of the pads kind upwards so it doesn't look like one continuous branch going all the way down. Not sure again any suggestions would be appreciated on that matter.

I really like how thick the foliage has turned out on this juniper considering I got it in the bargain bin at our local hardware store. I think its going to end up being a nice addition to my collection.
This will be the back side?
Thinking this may be the front of the tree?
The finished product with moss and top dressing.


  1. Really healthy tree! Interesting timing I just worked on 2 of my cascade junipers as well. Seems both our trees are at about the same stage in size and development. I look forward to following where your tree goes!

  2. Thanks yeah ill keep a look out for you post on your trees Thanks for the comments.

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  4. How are things looking this year Tony?