Friday, July 9, 2010

Boxwood Bonsai...

This is my first Boxwood Bonsai attempt and I have to honestly say I am really proud of this one. Its potted in a 8in pot I purchased from Joe Bonsai the link is listed on my page. These little trees seem to have a aged bark and trunk that make it seem its been around for 50+ yrs. It has beautiful root structure and it trimmed out very nice.
My wife says she could imagine laying under this tree in a field. I have seen some tire swing ornaments for bonsai im thinking of putting on this one and maybe a park bench. Since I have made this tree which was last week I have had a few yellowing leaves on the backside so hopefully it wasn't to late in the season to root prune it. But I am a novice so I must learn by experience. I really think its going to be ok though. Ill have updates on the progression in the future.

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  1. I think the tree will be OK. Boxwood are fairly tough. Just make sure to keep it in dappled shade for a few weeks until the roots have recovered.