Thursday, July 8, 2010

First Post ...First bonsai

This is my first post of hopefully many to come. The Bonsai on the left is the first one I made. It is a small juniper and its sort of a test subject. I say this because this tree is planted in Sphagnum moss only nothing else. I saw this on a video on youtube. This guy plants all his trees in this stuff and swears by it so I tried it , it has some new growth coming in so it seems to be working. We will see .(I have made more bonsai since this one and use normal bonsai soil mixtures, I am not promoting using only sphagnum moss) It's a really small juniper but hopefully it will pick up some size in a few years.
The moss on the top was taken from the woods near my house so that was really easy to come by. The pot was picked up at the local dept store for $3 and I drilled drain holes in it with a masonry bit. So that is it for the fist post in my new blog. I am always up for suggestions and your thoughts.(Unless you want to be a jerk then please refrain :) ) I will have more post coming soon with my other trees. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Awesome brother! I would love to get into that myself. I have always loved plants, and mixing that with something from japanese culture is a win win! I have read about it before and heard that there upkeep can be tedious but fulfilling.